Irrigation solutions with the water needs of plants at heart.

We want to make life easier for those who take care of plants, for work and for passion, ensuring that every drop is spent well, whilst minimizing the ecological impact.

Keep up with our iniatives

Nyanzvi Waters' commitment is to feed nations through the efficient use of scarce water resources.


Nyanzvi Waters strives an excellent, cost effective and efficient design, that is specific to each customers needs and requirements.


We work with and represent some of the world’s most reliable irrigation equipment brands, so as to offer the very best and efficient irrigation systems.

Our solutions for you

In an ever-changing world with rain patterns irregular due to climatic conditions and world population increasing, the need to make every drop count increases by the millimeter We want to make life easier for passionate farmers that want to grow crops leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

We work with you for a solution

Open Field & Pastures

There are different ways to provide efficient water use for a farm depending on different variables like crop type, slope, water source etc.

Tree Crops

Trees have a long life span thus we recognize the need to design systems that evolve with the time.

Protected Crops

We design and install systems from drip irrigation to hydroponics systems, from misters to drippers all of which are suitable for greenhouses.

Turf & Landscape

From hydroponics to family drip systems, we can design systems that recycle water for efficient waters use and irrigating your vertical agriculture.